Welcome to Philhellenes

At the moment, the name ‘Greece’ has negative connotations: debt, austerity, recession, political failure, and social deprivation. But the present is only a slender time-slice in Greece’s long history, and Greece has been and remains the source of many riches of thought, art, culture, and landscape. Directly or indirectly, this heritage has shaped and enriched the lives of us all, and on this website people who love Greece — philhellenes in the simple sense — celebrate what Greece has given them and the world.

If you love Greece and would like to contribute something to the site, then please do so. A contribution can be as simple as a scan of an old holiday photo and a few words of reminiscence. Follow this link for details of how to contribute. Alternatively, you can post a short message directly on the messages page.

There is also a Philhellenes twitter account, where I post links to news stories and comment pieces that have caught my eye. (Linking to an opinion piece does not mean that I endorse its content, merely that I think it is worth reading.) There is an automatically updated archive of these tweets on this blog, organized by month. (Messages to the Philhellenes twitter account are also posted to my personal twitter account, along with messages on many other topics.)

Keith Frankish, Site Editor