“Any debt Greece may be in now is as nothing compared to the debt we owe Greece”
— Stephen Fry*

In recent years, the name ‘Greece’ has had negative connotations: debt, austerity, recession, political failure, and social deprivation. But the present is only a slender time-slice in Greece’s long history, and Greece has been and remains the source of many riches of thought, art, culture, and landscape. Directly or indirectly, this heritage has shaped and enriched the lives of us all, and on this website people who love Greece — philhellenes in the simple sense — celebrate what Greece has given them and the world.

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David Pearce: Art and Diplomacy on Twitter

David D. Pearce served as U.S. ambassador to Greece from 2013 to 2016. In this guest post for Philhellenes, he...
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Nigel Gibbions: Indecipherable Crete

I first visited Crete in December 2002 for the wedding of my friends Keith and Maria, who are responsible for...
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Sharon Blomfield: Greek kindness

At Christmas, the season of giving just past, my thoughts quite naturally turned to my Greek friends, both those on...
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Marjory McGinn’s big fat Greek odyssey

Marjory McGinn is a Scottish-born journalist and author, who has had a long connection with Greece, starting with a youthful...
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Anne Cooke: Every winter, I dream of Halki

Anne Cooke is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Applied Psychology at Christ Church Canterbury University. Anne's webpage. Follow...
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Keith Frankish and Maria Kasmirli: A Greek perspective on austerity psychology

As a philosopher of cognitive science, I take a strong interest in work in psychology and have many friends working...
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Giorgos Vitsaropoulos: Photographing the Acropolis museum

The photographer Giorgos Vitsaropoulos has kindly given me permission to reproduce one of his photographs of the new Acropolis Museum in...
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Howard Wettstein: The best vacation of our lives

Howard Wettstein and his wife took a vacation in Greece in 2008, and he has kindly sent me some photos...
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Istvan Aranyosi: A Greek geek

Istvan Aranyosi writes: "As a kid, in the 1980s, I was known to my parents’ entourage as a Greek geek,...
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* Email to site editor, dated 12/03/12