Nigel Gibbions: Indecipherable Crete

I first visited Crete in December 2002 for the wedding of my friends Keith and Maria, who are responsible for the Philhellenes website. I have loved the island ever since. This is a record of that first visit.

My plane lands at 5am: dark palm trees and red sky. The wedding is later today and I must rest.

pithos about my height picture me inside it peeping out

The day after, my arms ache from circle dancing. I walk to the centre of Heraklion.

narrow pavement hard to dodge the butcher’s hare

On the way, there is a display of religious icons inside a small church.

graffiti on the church wall icons

This Venetian Fortress (Koules) once protected the harbour.

In the evening, I find a place to eat in the streets opposite Lion Square.

poppy seeds on white linen starry night

The Minoan civilisation flourished here […]

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